Komatsu Parts Catalogs

Title Page Reference
Counterweight Mounting M030000 X21-0560560
Engine Hood, Without Pre-Cleaner M001000 X21-1860640
Machine Cab Frame M006000 X21-1860650
Side Cover L.H. M007000 X21-1860660
Side Cover R.H. M008000 X21-1860670
Partition Cover, Without Anti-drop Valve M009000 X21-1860680
Upper Cover M013000 X21-1860690
Tool Box M015000 X21-1860700
Front Cover, Without 1-additional Actuator Piping, Accumulator M016000 X21-1860710
Handrail M022000 X21-1860720
Rearview Mirror, For EU Arrangement M023000 X21-186073A
Rearview Mirror M027000 X21-186075A
Counterweight M028000 X21-1860761
Under Cover M031000 X21-1860770
Engine Hood, For North America M002000 X21-1861500
Engine Hood, With Pre-Cleaner, For Australia M003000 X21-1861510
Partition Cover, Boom Anti-drop Valve M010000 X21-1861520
Partition Cover, Additional Counterweight, For North America M011000 X21-1861531
Partition Cover, Additional Counterweight, Boom Anti-drop Valve, For North America M012000 X21-1861541
Upper Cover, Rearview Camera, 2 Set M014000 X21-1861550
Front Cover, With 1-additional Actuator Piping, Accumulator M017000 X21-1861570
Front Cover, With Arm Anti-drop Valve, For Arm Crane, 1-attachment M018000 X21-1861580
Rearview Mirror, L.H. M024000 X21-1861590
Rearview Mirror, R.H. M025000 X21-1861600
Counterweight, Additional Counterweight M029000 X21-1861631
Under Cover, For Australia M032000 X21-1861650
Under Cover, For North America M033000 X21-1861660
Rearview Mirror, For EU Arrangement M026000 X21-1861750
Front Cover, With 2-additional Actuator Piping, Accumulator M019000 X21-1870050
Front Cover, With Arm Anti-drop Valve M020000 X21-1870060
Front Cover, Arm Crane M021000 X21-1910110
Engine Hood, Dustproof Net, Intake Gas and Exhaust Gas M004000 X21-2154010
Engine Hood, Dustproof Net, Intake Gas and Exhaust Gas, For North America M005000 X21-2159200